How to choose the right leash ?

As we said in our previous article, it is essential to teach your dog to walk on a leash in order to have a good time with him during the many walks you will be taking together!

It is therefore essential to choose the right leash.

The choice of the leash will depend on the following characteristics

  • size
  • weight
  • the shape of your dog

If your dog is relatively small or does not weigh more than 10 kilos, you can choose a thin leash (1.5 cm / 0,6 inches wide) made of textile or biothane. It is important for small dogs such as Maltese, Yorkies, Chihuahuas or Cavaliers King that the leash is not too heavy.

For dogs weighing more than 10 kilos, the pulling force will be higher. Also for breeds such as French Bulldogs, Beagles, Australian Shepherds, Samoyeds or Shibas, a wide (2.5 cm / 1 inch wide), more resistant textile or biothane leash should be chosen.

The length of the leash should be adapted to the activity. Initially, it is essential that your dog learns to walk on the lead. The length of the leash should give him a certain amount of freedom without allowing him to wander too far. He should feel the limits and adapt to your walk.

A leash of about 1.40 meters (55 inches) is ideal for teaching a Chihuahua, a Pekingese, a Border Collie or a Eurasian to walk on a leash.

Only when your dog is able to walk on a leash without pulling, you can opt for other leashes, depending on the activity.

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