Why you should teach your dog to properly walk on a leash

A dog is always very happy when it's time for a walk. But it is not always easy to discipline him.

While the puppy tends to stay put, the adult dog, who has not been properly taught to walk on the leash, tends to walk from right to left, cutting you off. In short, it is not a pleasure.

It is therefore necessary if you want to spend pleasant moments of complicity with your dog, especially since you will spend hours and hours throughout his life, teaching him to walk at heel.

A dog that has not been taught to walk properly will want to decide the direction he takes, his walking pace, to stop, to sniff. If it's a big dog, it will require a lot of effort from you and it could even be dangerous if it starts pulling a lot toward another dog for example.

The fact that he can do anything he wants without you upsetting him will give him confidence and he will feel superior to you. He won't obey you as well on walks as he does at home or when you simply want to teach him something.

Conclusion: If you want to spend real moments of joy with your dog, it's best to teach him how to properly walk at heel from a very young age.

In our next article, we will describe to you what you need to know to teach your dog to walk on a leash under the best conditions.

See you soon.