Maintenance tips

The canvas

Want to smell fresh....direction to the washing machine. Too complicated for you, ask your master to put the accessories in a laundry net and use a delicate programme at 30°C(86°F) maximum.

Once finished, all you need to do is air dry them.


The Biothane

You've been running around in the mud, ask your master to stroke your accessory with a sponge soaked in warm soapy water.


You are now ready to seduce on your next trip!


One more little instruction...

You know that we do everything at Caramelle to make sure that you are the most beautiful and that your accessories are of high quality, but we advise your master to check your accessories from time to time because no one is safe from a material defect and above all...we would not like anything to happen to you because we love you too much!

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