We're committed, caring, conscientious and hairy!

Our small, creative and innovative company takes a committed and scrupulous approach to designing handmade dog accessories that respect our values of respect for the environment, brought to you by our beloved model Caramelle.

- Founders -

Caramelle-Model / Co-Founder

Capricious model.

Caramelle, our product manager, anticipates the needs of her 4-legged friends and pre-tests the comfort, quality and functionality of our accessories for them.

🐾 Approved.

In his spare time, Caramelle enjoys a walk in the garden and chasing lizards 🦎.

Caroline and Margot-Co-founders


Two sisters, fashion student with a passion for detail.

In 2022, following a walk with animal-loving friends, we set ourselves the challenge of creating CARAMELLE.

A company that designs, with passion and love of detail, unique collections for our most faithful companions.

Aesthetics, comfort, originality, ethics and quality are all values that we hold dear and that drive our daily inspiration for the creation of CARAMELLE accessories.

- Our Commitments -

The creation

100% French creations and know-how accompanied by an avant-garde design.

Well done

Combining colors, materials and fabrics, mixing and matching, adding and removing, this is our daily routine at the CARAMELLE workshops.

Collection flowerette menthe


High-quality, hand-made French products.

CARAMELLE, the choice of 100% French know-how!

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